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Summer 2014 movie list The summer-movie lineup is filled with sequels and superheroes, as you might expect. But it's a little more eclectic this year, with some horror creeping into the mix, a welcome development. And amid the shooting, smashing and spooking, there's some ...
Ranking movies from best to worst

- 1 week earlier @ We geeks feel a compulsion to assign every movie to a ranking on a series of arbitrary lists. Why on earth does this matter?...



Movies in a Minute

Cameron Diaz flexes her box office clout this week in "The Other Woman," another look at three women getting back at one man... April 23, 2014 5:18 pm • SiouxCity Journal · (0) Comments. Tags. Bruce Miller, Movies In A Minute, Cameron Diaz, The Other ...

In 'Other Woman, ' you go, girl — but where, exactly?

Boston Globe: That the object of their ire is a stick-figure cad will probably add to the movie's success: Audiences up for an evening of brain-dead entertainment can fill in the blank with whichever man they're mad at. Better they should get mad at the movie, which ...

Possessed by Demons, and a Nutty Professor

New York Times: The title of “The Quiet Ones,” the latest horror movie about supernatural doings set in the 1970s, is explained fairly late. By then its director, John Pogue, has made a modest racket with the usual bumps in the night, some cackling and screaming, a ...

Twelve directors and the movies that made them

Directorial acclaim never comes easy. When it hits, though, the results can be significant not only for the helmer but for cinema itself. We take a look back at the films that propelled some of today’s most celebrated directors to prominence.

'Jessabelle' Trailer

Yahoo Movies (blog): Girl Power Movies. In "The Other Woman," women come together to get revenge on their significant other, so in the spirit of female solidarity, we're quizzing people on girl power films at the TCL Theatre. NOW WATCHING UP NEXT. 1:12. .

Stream of Consiousness: 10 Top 10 movies you need to see on Netflix

Columbus Alive: With 48 million customers, Netflix's streaming service has changed the way we watch movies. Every week I review movies, and a lot my friends still wait for my recommendations to trickle to Netflix. To me, nothing can replace the feel of a theater, but ...

Love Scenes in American Movies Are Getting Even Worse

SFGate (blog): For decades, love scenes in American movies have been the worst in the western world. They usually take place solely as a plot point, before the characters get to know each other, so there's no quality of longing about them. They often take place ...


The Hilarious List Of Video Game Movies Hollywood is Trying To Make

Kotaku: There was a period of time a while back when it felt as though movies based on video games were being announced every second day, to the point where I simply stopped caring and openly wondered whether a single one would actually make it to cinemas.

New 'Star Wars' Movies To Avoid Expanded Universe Elements

Hollywood Reporter: Interviewed by IGN at this weekend's WonderCon in Anaheim, California, Kinberg talked about the influence that previous Star Wars material — not simply the two earlier movie trilogies, but also the ancillary spin-off material — will have on the new ...

Faith movies once didn't have a prayer in Hollywood

USA TODAY: Hollywood will celebrate Easter the same way it's celebrated several weekends this year: With a dose of faith. On the heels of several faith-based films still in multiplexes, Sony opened Heaven Is For Real last week in more than 2,400 theaters hoping ...

13 Recent Movies That Prove Hollywood All But Recycles Itself

Huffington Post: It's hard to come up with a winning recipe in Hollywood. A successful movie must attract the masses, garner positive reviews (or at least passable ones) and live on in merchandise, DVDs and even a possible sequel. So what's a ...

Summer movie preview: Hollywood bets big again

NEW YORK (AP) — Like jumbo jets on the runway, Hollywood's summer movies are lined up, ready for takeoff. Will they hit any turbulence?

What 'Heaven Is For Real' Has In Common With Horror Movies

VideoThe other day, a friend of mine asked why Hollywood makes so many horror movies when most of the people he knows have no desire to see them. The answer is that there is a group of people who will go see horror movies, almost any horror movie, and they're [...]

How conservatives learned to hate Hollywood

A lot of subversive but critically acclaimed movies from this era (from Annie Hall to M*A*S*H) reflected America's somewhat disaffected zeitgeist. And Clint Eastwood as Inspector Harry Callahan (aka "Dirty Harry") took on criminals and the bleeding-heart liberals whose "technicalities" prevented him from taking murderers and rapists off the streets. It began as a trickle, but these films were a ...


25 Most Anticipated Summer Movies of 2014: X-Men, 22 Jump Street, Godzilla

HitFix: The summer movie season traditionally kicks off on the first moviegoing weekend of May and the first major release out of the gate this year is "Amazing Spider-Man 2." That's just the beginning of a slew of potential blockbusters, comedies and sleeper ...

Will Summer Releases Get Blocked By 'The Lego Movie'?

Variety: Studios releasing their movies this summer have another film to compete with for attention as they try to lure younger moviegoers into the multiplex: “The Lego Movie.” Warner Bros. will release the animated hit on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD in the ...

25 Incredibly Tough Movies for Extreme Viewers

Flavorwire: We've been talking a lot about Lars von Trier lately, prompted by the release of his two-part sex epic Nymphomaniac, and now the fine folks over at the Criterion Collection have given us one more reason to think about his work: they've put out a new ...

iPhone Apps: Movies by Flixster, Path, TextExpander

Movies by Flixster 6.11.1 (free) - Movies provides users with reviews, trailers, and showtimes for all of the movies currently in theaters. Users can also find information on upcoming movies and titles recently released on DVD. A number of reported bugs have been addressed with this update.

How to Avoid Spoiling TV Shows and Movies for Everyone Else

Between whole seasons being released at once, movies crossing over with TV shows, and books and shows racing each other to the same ending, it's hard to know exactly where the spoilers line is and how to avoid being ...


'Heaven Is For Real' movie review

Washington Post: In “Heaven Is For Real,” Colton Burpo, the angelic 4-year-old son of a Nebraska pastor, undergoes emergency surgery and while under anesthesia experiences a series of visions, including watching his own operation, observing the prayers of his anguished ...


Peeps Movie in the Works The film will be made in a similar vein to The Lego Movie, telling the story of a wayward Peep who is misplaced the night before a Peeps diorama contest and has to venture through a slew of different shoebox worlds in order to find his way back home.

Shochiku to Make Ninja Movies Just For Export

Variety: The first movie in the new slate, with the working title “Ninja the Monster,” is an actioner in which ninja encounter alien life forms. Shochiku shot the pic at its Uzumasa Studio in Kyoto. Completion is scheduled for August. Rival, Nikkatsu tried ...

How Bollywood is Failing the Women of India

Video If you've watched a Bollywood movie in the last five years, chances are you noticed perfectly-sculpted actresses, donning scanty outfits not unlike ones you would find on Beyonce. Many popular movies feature women dancing suggestively to item songs. It's also common to watch on-screen kisses (strictly taboo before about a decade


Why Are All of Johnny Depp's Movies Bombing at the Box Office?

Daily Beast: Add this dismal turnout to his last big budget movie, 2013's The Lone Ranger, another epic flop that grossed just $89 million in the U.S., failing to recoup a $215 million budget, and 2012's flop Dark Shadows, another collaboration with director Tim ...

Sports movies, by the numbers: Do football, baseball, or car racing films earn the most?

When Draft Day hit theaters on April 11, it didn’t exactly set the box office on fire, earning under $10


SF Film Fest: 10 movies to see

"Palo Alto:" Movies chronicling the so-called life of teens in suburbia are so prevalent they almost make for a their own genre. Gia Coppola's spot-on cinematic adaptation of James Franco's intertwined tales of angsty adolescence captures the unease ...

Lego The Hobbit review: it’s hard to take a Thorin Oakenshield minifig seriously

Lego The Hobbit is a Lego game based on The Hobbit movies, as you may have guessed, but don’t you go running into the stores to see if Bard the Bowman, heir of Dale, strikes Smaug with the last black ... The post .


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