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What The Future Looks Like According To Movies

A lot of our imagination of the future comes from sci-fi movies --Minority Report, Blade Runner, etc.--so Eclectic Method created an awesome music video where they mixed their music with scenes from sci-fi movies that talk ...
Faith in film: Why science-fiction movies abound with religious themes

- 1 week ago @ Science fiction books, films and movies are rife with religious themes.

New York
Cannes Film Festival


Seven A.I. Movies That Are Better Than Transcendence

The notion of artificial intelligence, whether on computer screens or in robot form, has long fascinated the makers of science-fiction movies. From an extensive, impressive list, we choose some of our favorites

A Viewer's Guide to Weekend Movies: Grappling with the Meaning of Human Existence

Two movies opening this weekend ask the big question: what happens to a person when they die? The "biggest" movie opening is probably Transcendence, which features Johnny Depp as a scientist who uploads his brain to some sort of supercomputer, becoming an all-knowing menace to the world.

Ranking movies from best to worst

We geeks feel a compulsion to assign every movie to a ranking on a series of arbitrary lists. Why on earth does this matter?...

Five Movies You’ll Be Hearing About from This Year’s Cannes Film Festival

Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum, plus K-Stew and R-Pattz and a very creepy Steve Carrell, bring snazz to the official selection at the world's biggest film festival

Good movies, good values

It is vacation time and here are some super DVDs you can watch together as a family

What 'Heaven Is For Real' Has In Common With Horror Movies

VideoThe other day, a friend of mine asked why Hollywood makes so many horror movies when most of the people he knows have no desire to see them. The answer is that there is a group of people who will go see horror movies, almost any horror movie, and they're [...]

Ditto: Pop-culture e-cards incorporate your fave movies

USA TODAY: Sometimes "happy birthday" just isn't enough. While e-cards are certainly an easy way to cheer up a pal, it can be hard to find one with the right amount of pop-culture pizazz. The folks at Ditto Greetings hope to change that by offering e-cards that ...

'Bleak Movies' coloring book replaces blood with bunnies

"Reservoir Dogs," "Seven," "The Exorcist," and other disturbing movies get a kid-friendly restyling thanks to artist Todd Spence, who wants to swap screams with smiles.


Hollywood's Growing Faith in Christian Movies

Variety: “Being able to be in front on an audience and talk about helping them uplift them with their faith and what they're dealing with on a day-to-day basis and to have a movie in the marketplace that can do the same thing really (works) hand in hand ...

Entertainment Geekly: 'The Raid 2' and the death of Hollywood action movies

Entertainment Weekly: Hollywood only makes action movies now. Hollywood doesn't really make action movies anymore. Both of those statements can't be true, and yet, they're both basically accurate. It is very rare for Hollywood to release a major non-Oscar bait motion ...

Make Movies for Grown-ups

New York Times: Is television better than the movies? Wrong question, since currently it's less a contest than a custody arrangement. Television has taken possession of grown-ups and fans of things like narrative and character. Meanwhile, the Hollywood studios ...

Hollywood action movies: Could they be any worse?

Los Angeles Times: In both movies, when bands of terrorists start blowing up D.C. and take the president hostage, these Secret Service outsiders are the only ones left inside the White House to save the day. Both movies feature kids in peril. Both have admirable ...

How conservatives learned to hate Hollywood

A lot of subversive but critically acclaimed movies from this era (from Annie Hall to M*A*S*H) reflected America's somewhat disaffected zeitgeist. And Clint Eastwood as Inspector Harry Callahan (aka "Dirty Harry") took on criminals and the bleeding-heart liberals whose "technicalities" prevented him from taking murderers and rapists off the streets. It began as a trickle, but these films were a ...

China Film takes 1st stake in Hollywood movies

HONG KONG (AP) — China's state-owned film distributor is making its first investment in Hollywood movies by taking a stake in two Legendary Entertainment productions.

Hollywood lore lures tourists to the TCM tour

Turner Classic Movies puts on a bus tour of film locations for movie fans as part of cable network's 20th anniversary celebration. There's a Chick-fil-A on the Sunset Boulevard corner where Lana Turner was said to have been discovered, a public school at the former Ambassador Hotel site where Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft filmed their trysts in "The Graduate" and a CVS in the Art Deco ...


25 Incredibly Tough Movies for Extreme Viewers

Flavorwire: We've been talking a lot about Lars von Trier lately, prompted by the release of his two-part sex epic Nymphomaniac, and now the fine folks over at the Criterion Collection have given us one more reason to think about his work: they've put out a new ...

Why Movie Streaming Services Are Unsatisfying — and Will Stay So

New York Times: A team of web designers recently released an astonishingly innovative app for streaming movies online. The program, Popcorn Time, worked a bit like Netflix, except it had one unusual, killer feature. It was full of movies you'd want to watch. When you ...

Comedy stoners Cheech & Chong working on new movie

Los Angeles Times: Tommy Chong revealed in a recent interview with that he and longtime comedy partner Cheech Marin are working on a new movie with director Jay Chandrasekhar, a member of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe who previously helmed ...

Watch a preview for a Rick Santorum-backed Hallmark Movie Channel film

The Week Magazine: The Redemption of Henry Myers is the second movie released by the company with Santorum in charge (the first was a holiday option called The Christmas Candle.) It airs on Sunday on the Hallmark Movie Channel, but curious viewers can check out a ...

A Rough Weekend for New Movies

Tyler Perry's near decade-long run as a supplier of hit movies ended over the weekend, as “Tyler's Perry's The Single Moms Club” became his worst-performing release by far. Also disappointing was “Need for Speed,” a car-racing movie designed to start a ...

FilmL.A. report: Big movies fleeing California

Los Angeles Times: Last year, only two of the top 25 big-budget movies, whose combined budgets totaled more than $3.5 billion, filmed primarily in California: "The Hangover Part III" and "Star Trek: Into Darkness," according to a report released Thursday morning by FilmL.A.

Is Disney Movies Anywhere a Game Changer?

DailyFinance: Walt Disney , in alliance with Apple , recently launched a new movie service called Disney Movies Anywhere, or DMA. This service will function as a "digital movie locker," in which customers can save their copies of Disney, Marvel, and Pixar movies in ...

At the Movies: 'Nebraska' out on DVD/Blu-Ray

Lincoln Journal Star: According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Sunday, two-thirds of Americans have yet to see any of the movies nominated for the best picture Oscar. The poll asked 1,433 people whether they had seen any of the nine best picture nominees plus two other ...

Which 2014 Movies Could Reach $1 Billion? (cont.)

<<Continued from "Which 2014 Movies Could Reach $1 Billion?"OriginalsGodzilla (May)Big-budget disaster movies tend to draw huge crowds, and Godzilla is a brand that resonates with global audiences. Back in 1998, Roland Emmerich's Godzilla earned $379 million worldwide; with the expanded foreign market and drastically higher ticket prices, it's hard to imagine this new movie earning a penny less ...

BT adds Sky Movies to growing TV package

Deal with British Sky Broadcasting will mean customers can watch more than 700 films by paying a monthly subscription BT TV customers will be able to watch recent box office hits including Django Unchained and Argo after the company struck a deal to show Sky Movies channels from 26 October. BT said the agreement with British Sky Broadcasting will mean customers can watch more than 700 films by ...

How to Avoid Spoiling TV Shows and Movies for Everyone Else

Between whole seasons being released at once, movies crossing over with TV shows, and books and shows racing each other to the same ending, it's hard to know exactly where the spoilers line is and how to avoid being ...

'Captain America 3' Gets May 2016 Release Date - Deadline

It also was the year's No. 1-ranked movie to date across the entire social media universe. It's the latest of those untitled Marvel movies on the slate to get a name; there's another unknown one that Disney has set for May 5, ...

'Palo Alto': See the poster for James Franco's new movie | Inside

Palo Alto may be Gia Coppola's first credit as a director and writer, but filmmaking is in her blood. She spent much of her upbringing on the set of her aunt Sofia Coppola's films, and her grandfather is, of course, director Francis Ford ...

'Entourage' Movie Gets a Release Date - The Hollywood Reporter

Warner Bros. has set a release date for the Entourage movie as well as scheduled the openings for Paul Thomas Anderson's latest, Inherent Vice, and Nancy Meyers' workplace comedy, The Intern. PHOTOS: 35 of 2014's  ...

Box office preview: 'Best Man Holiday' won't best 'Thor' | Inside

The Dark World was Hollywood? Last weekend, not a single studio opened a wide release against it. (Though, About Time did expand into wide release.) And this weekend, only one movie , The Best  ...


'The Grand Budapest Hotel, ' 'Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me” and other new movies

In this week's new releases, Ralph Fiennes delivers a standout performance in Wes Anderson's “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” and the documentary “Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me” gives viewers a glimpse into the Broadway icon's life. Both films receive three stars.

Robert De Niro just keeps making crap movies

He's made five movies this year alone and they're all bad, but this Christmas might bring his Alien Vs Predator moment So let's ask ourselves, since his supposed "return to form" a year ago in David O Russell's Silver Linings Playbook: how's Robert De Niro been doing? Was that movie the harbinger of some late-flowering, crepuscular blaze of glory, mirroring in old age the sunburst that was his ...

TOP 10..


Sacramento Bee: Chasing down the top spot at the box office after debuting at No. 2 last week, "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" took the lead in its second weekend, bumping "300: Rise of an Empire." The DreamWorks animated film about the time-traveling adventures of a genius ...

Top 10 animated movies

Moving bits of paper around (the old way) or painting with billions of pixels (the new) has conjured up some of the greatest films of all time. From The Iron Giant to Persepolis, Guardian and Observer critics pick the 10 best • Top 10 war movies • Top 10 teen movies • Top 10 superhero movies • Top 10 westerns • Top 10 documentaries • Top 10 movie adaptations • More Guardian and Observer critics ...


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